How to overcome the weakness of the Eyes

There are many causes of the weakness of the Eyes, the most dangerous of which is mental and neurological impairment. Weakness of the Eyes can be prevented by focusing on food and getting the necessary nutrients. If you include in your daily diet the right amount of nutrients like zinc, calcium, copper, iron, sulfur, and phosphorus, etc., then the eyes can be healthy and the vision can be improved.

Because experts recommend almonds, nuts, dates, figs, fish, olives, and countless other ingredients to protect against visual impairment. Experts also advise that the child should not read lying down, close the book to the eyes, and immediately after eating. This has a negative effect on eye health. Excessive use of TVs, laptops, monitors, and mobile screens also affects the eyes. So it is important to keep children away from these things. Sprinkling cold water on the eyes, staring at the vegetables, staring at the flowing water, and eye exercises that sharpen vision are also helpful in sharpening the eyes.

In addition, in case of poor eyesight, as a treatment, mix 100 grams Coriander, 100 grams fennel seed, 100 grams almond, and 25 grams black pepper and mix it with 500 grams organic oil and an equal weight of organic sugar. Take a spoonful of it in the morning and evening and drink a glass of lukewarm milk. Consecutive use for three to six months will solve the problem of visual impairment.

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